moonlitmagik (moonlitmagik) wrote in fairuzabalk,

this place needs to liven up a bit so im gonna ask some q's

ok so i love FB but i know much about her personal life. ive been in this group for awhile and its been slowing down so to speak so i figured i would post something that other people would know and i wouldnt and we'd all start back up talking and posting! (MOD im not trying to take your job or anything.. just dont want to see the best FB group die off and since i dont know much i dont post myself so i guess im contributing to the prob)

anyways all i have heard is that she is wiccan/pagan and has a new age/pagan store in california.... is any of that true?

is she married or have any kids??

how old is she?? she doesnt seem to age (lucky her)??

what has she done really main stream since the craft (since i would love to watch movies i missed with her in it)? (saw her in a bit part of some movie but i cant remember which)

sorry about the questions but im new to her since i just recently found out her name (always loved her in the craft and just the way she seemed) so i havent exactly had much time to research her. and MOD if you think im being too pushy or stepping over the line on the livin up thing then im sorry and please delete
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