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Did you know?

That there is a Return to Oz video game? It's really old, I figure It's for Atrari or something. ABC kind of graphics.I didn't know such thing existed, theres the original Wizard of OZ for Super NES as well.

Return to Oz (Advert)
(US Gold, 1986)

Follow the adventures of Dorothy as she leaves her home in Kansas and finds herself in the magical world of Oz again, encountering such bizarre creatures as the Wheelers, the evil Princess Mombi, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Nome King. This is one of those icon-driven adventures where you can only select a limited number of commands - in this case, only eight. It's mainly aimed at children, and everyone else will find it far too easy; for example, if you select the 'use' command, the program will only let you select objects which you can use in the room you're in. The graphics are mediocre as well and there are no sound effects at all.

More information on TACGR

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